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Welcome to My Wiki[]

Hi! This wiki is essentially a database of various craft patterns and tutorials that I found on the internet. Since it often took me a long time to find many of them, I thought it would be helpful to share it with other people who may make use of it as well, making the effort I put into this wiki much more worthwhile.

Currently, there is little on the wiki (almost entirely plushie sewing patterns), but only because it takes a long time for me to add more information, which is still primarily a giant list of links that I'm hoping will continue to hold the information they did when I found them. Eventually, I plan on adding much more than simply sewing patterns, but since my list of sewing patterns to add to this wiki is still rather long, those will simply have to wait until later.

One quick note- many of the patterns and tutorials on this wiki are not in English. If you need to translate a webpage, Google Chrome has a built-in translator that works on any webpage text. For images, there is a fantastic and free Google Translate app, which has an option for translating pictures if you know what language to translate from. This can work for translating pattern images (as long as they are not too blurry), pdf files, and non-English video captions, which normally would be rather difficult to understand. If you are unsure what language it is in, check the infobox on the side of the wiki page. It should list the language (as far as I could tell) of the pattern and/or tutorial. Multiple languages may be listed if there are versions of the pattern and/or tutorial in different languages which are on the page.

Anyways, I hope you find this wiki useful! If you do, be sure to check back later, as I will continue to add to this, and I've literally found more than a thousand more patterns worth adding already.

If you want to know a little bit more about me and what I'm currently working on for the wiki, check out my profile page. Also, check out the FAQs if you feel like it.

If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of any page. If you need to contact me for some urgent reason or concern with my wiki, leave a message here, and I will respond as soon as possible. I try my best to respond within 1-2 days. Keep in mind that if you comment or post a message anonymously (without a fandom account), you may not be alerted when I respond, so check the page after 1-2 days to see my reply. If a matter is urgent, please include an email or another way for me to contact you to ensure that you will be notified as soon as I respond.